German to English Translation in Berlin

German is a difficult language to master. Luckily for expats, it’s quite easy to get around in Berlin while only speaking English, yet there are thousands of situations where your broken “Denglish” just won’t cut it. Even worse, is when you’ve waited a month for an appointment just to realise the other person is refusing to speak English with you. Cough cough, Bürgeramt, cough. 

For these situations, it might just be worth your peace of mind to get the help of a German-speaking local.

Here are a few examples:

  • Getting your Anmeldung at the Bürgeramt.
  • Applying for a visa/residence permit from the Ausländerbehörde.
  • Signing up to an internet plan for your home.
  • Navigating your tax situation with the Finanzamt.
  • Explaining what needs to be repaired to the handyman.

The average rate for a translator is between 80€ and 150€ per hour. That’s a lot, especially when most of the time, your documentation is all ready to go – all you need is something to be there to help out with the German language. So, we’ve decided to see if it’s possible to match new expats to locals, who can help out but also make a little bit of extra money on the side.

The result: expats pay significantly less, locals get compensated for their time, and everybody is happy! 


The base rate is 15€ per half an hour. We charge half-hourly since phone calls rarely take an hour. However, if you need your translator to be physically with you, the minimum is one hour due to the travelling times. Translators will typically travel within the AB Berlin Ring – any further out may require an additional fee. 

How It Works

To get started, fill out the form with as much information as possible. Try and be specific about which dates (times as well, if possible) and what exactly you would need your translator to do. If we need any more details, we’ll be in touch. 

We’ll pass on your details to our network of German locals to check their availabilities.

After picking the best match, we’ll contact you with a proposed plan of when and where you’ll meet for you appointment, plus any other details you might need. 

Once you’re done with your appointment, you can pay your translator on the spot and go on your merry way! 

Visa Consulting

The reality is that most translators have limited exposure to the expat experience. Specific advice about your circumstances and assistance with your documentation can be provided, but this is an entirely separate service. 

Typically, I would recommend you start with the Working Holiday Visa and Freelance Visa guides. If you need any further help, please include this in the “Any other details” section of the form. 

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